10303300_10201558620801133_7641766942332235196_nHi, I’m Kathleen. I’m a book editor by day and a writer (by whatever leftover time I have) in Toronto. I write the monthly newsletter for a local independent bookshop and moonlight there as an occasional bookseller. I’m a contributor at Book Riot and my writing has appeared in The Billfold and The Canadian Press. I like grammar, cheese, dresses, and Motown dance parties. (And Oxford commas.)

I started this blog because I have a lot of unread books sitting on my shelves and I wanted to read some before they crush me to death. I’m working through the list, but I read and blog about other books, too. I have an MA with a focus in Victorian fiction, so my absolute favourite thing to read is a super depressing 700-page novel from the 19th century. Other things I like to read include the following: contemporary literary fiction; mysteries if they are British and/or star teen sleuths; books about word and language history; young adult fiction; non-fiction books about disease and public health.

Some of the things I like to write about are mapping narratives, disease literature (particularly the intersection of femininity and disease), narratives surrounding money and inheritance, spinster culture, and teen sleuth fiction.

You can contact me here if you so desire!

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